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Built in 1961
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo (Two bogies with two axles both independently driven)
Weight: 72 Tons
Max Speed: 75 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity: 400 Gallons
Length: 46 ft 9 ins
Engine size: 120 Litres
Blue Star multiple fitted
Dual Braked
One of 228 built

Built with a English Electric 8SVT (8 Cylinder Vee engine)
Turbo Charged
1000 HP
Max Tractive Effort 42,000 lbs
TOPS Classification Class 20

This class of engine was classified as freight engines and therefore the original specification required no boiler to be fitted.

Locomotive History

Allocated to Eastfield (Scotland) when introduced. All Scottish examples being fitted with larger cab side windows and recesses for token catching equipment.

On Sunday 13th August 1978 it worked, on its own, powering the F&W (Now known as Pathfinder Tours) Tintern Totter Railtour from Worcester to Tintern Quarry.

Withdrawn with a seized turbo charger in May 1991, it was bought from BR in September 1991 from Thornaby Depot. After purchase it was towed to MC Metals Glasgow for asbestos inspection, then moved by Allelys Heavey Haulage, arriving on the Great Central Railway on 22nd May 1992.

After fitting of two replacement Turbo chargers (the other one having seized since withdrawal) it was run initially in BR Corporate Blue, before being repainted into Green with full yellow panels. It has since run with no Yellow panels, and is now carrying small yellow panels.