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Built by BRUSH Ltd, Loughborough in 1962. Works No. BT366
Wheel Arrangement: A1A-A1A (Two bogies with three axles only the outer axles being driven)
Weight: 107-113 Tons
Max Speed: 90 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity: 500 Gallons
Length: 56 ft 9 ins
Engine size: 180 Litres
Blue Star multiple fitted
Dual Braked
One of 263 built

Originally Built with a Mirrless JVS12T (12 Cylinder Vee engine)
Turbo Charged
1250 HP
Max Tractive Effort 42,800 lbs
TOPS Classification Class 30

Re-engined between 1965 & 1969 with a English Electric 12SVT (12 Cylinder Vee engine)
Turbo Charged
1470 HP
Max Tractive Effort 35,900 lbs
TOPS Classification Class 31

Fitted with a Spanner Swirlyflow Boiler, although removed when converted to ETH (Electric Train Heating)

Locomotive History

Allocated to Darnell (Sheffield) when introduced.

Bought from EWS in 1998/9 from Toton scrap line. Originally this loco was withdrawn due to weak springs, as it leaned out of gauge; prior to withdrawal it had its max speed reduced to 40 MPH.

When D5830 was purchased it had no windows, no radiator elements, and no batteries. It was initially bought for its power unit, which was to be put into 31418, a locomotive previously owned by the T1LC.

Following the purchase of D5830, it's overall condition was realised to be too good to be used purely for spares. After a vote of the membership, 31418 transferred to Boadicea Traction Ltd with a view to mainline re-instatement. Subsequently, 31418 has been taken on by A1A Locomotives Ltd with a full overhaul of the locomotive well underway. The power unit swap has taken place, using the unit from 31421, and overhauled bogies (from 31123) have been fitted. A selection of photos of this overhaul are on the excellent www.preserved-diesels.co.uk website.

D5830 was painted into Golden Ochre with no yellow warning panel for the Spring 1999 GCR Diesel Gala and numbered No. D5579. It is the only member of the class to authentically carry this livery. It has since reverted back to its original No. D5830 and has had small yellow warning panels added.