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D1705 Sparrowhawk

Built by BRUSH Ltd, Loughborough 1965, Works No. BS467
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Co (Two bogies with three axles independently driven)
Weight: 111 – 121 Tons
Max Speed: 95 MPH
Fuel Tank Capacity: 810 Gallons
Length: 63 ft 7ins
Engine size: 240 Litres
Dual Braked
One of 512 built

Originally Built with a Sulzer 12LVA24 (Vee engine)
Turbo Charged and Intercooled
2650 HP
Max Tractive Effort 55,000 lbs
TOPS Classification Class 48

Re-engined in 1969 with a Sulzer 12LDA 28C (Twin Bank – 2 Crankshaft engine)
Turbo Charged and Intercooled
2750 HP
Max Tractive Effort 60,000 lbs
TOPS Classification Class 47

Fitted with a Spanner Mk III Boiler.
It is believed that this was the last working boiler steamed by BR

Locomotive History

Bought from BR by Mr Pete Waterman and originally based on the East Lancs Railway.

Loaned to the GCR for the 1996 Closure Anniversary Gala, where it was painted from its BR Corporate Blue into two tone Green with small Yellow warning Panel.

It was then offered for sale and the Type One Locomotive Association (as it was then) made an offer which was accepted. An outstanding purchase especially as no transport costs was involved.

Since then, it has assisted with testing 57 003, part of the Class 57 conversions undertaken by BRUSH Ltd.

It was repainted with full yellow warning panels, for the ‘BBC TV – Casualty’ Filming contract and subsequent Diesel Gala.

Repainted in 2003 back to two tone Green with small yellow ends for the GCR Diesel Gala.