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Shareholders & Volunteers

Why not apply to be a shareholder of the T1LC and help us to run and maintain these fine locomotives?

Please use Contact Us to request more information

Working Evenings/Weekends

The weekend workdays have proved to be popular and useful; getting a critical mass of members down at least one weekend a month allows some of the larger tasks to be undertaken.

For more information on what we'll be doing, where to meet and dates of the next working weekends, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page

The working weekends are complemented by the weekly working evenings for the more local members. These are usually on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings for three or four hours and can get a surprising amount done, especially if there are several folk all able to tackle different jobs. The working evenings are where a lot of the "background" restoration of spares takes place; cleaning, repairing and repainting ex-loco parts we've recovered from scrap yards so that they are ready when we need to use them. Any other members that would like to come along please get in touch with us!